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banner 31 Octaber 2021

Protest Against Misleading News

Over the last several days some social and electronic media outlets have been publishing unfounded news regarding and alleged crack that had developed in the Bahaddarhat to Arakan road ramp in Chattogram,which is negatively affecting the image of one of the leading infrastructure construction companies of the country, MAX Infrastructure Limited ( MAX ). The reports are being published in such a way that anyone reading the eroprt may be misled into thinking tha MAX Infrastructure Limited was the contractor for construction of the main flyover during 2012 when some lives were tragically lost during a girder collapse accident. However,MAX was not the Contractor for construction of the main flyover.We, MAX Group, are therefore lodging this protest to dispel any confusions regarding the misleading reports being published and to ensure that the people of the country are aware of the facts regarding the issue. We would like to bring to everyone's attention that construction of the main flyover was commenced in 2010 by another company (whose name has already been mentioned in news reports), and during construction of the flyover,in 2012, the lives of 12 to 14 people were tragically lost due to the collapse of a girder.Afterwards, in 2016, MAX was engaged by CDA to construct a ramp in the flyover from Bahaddarhat to Arkan road which was completed successfully on time in 2017, in accordance with the design.Therefore,it is clear that MAX was in no way involved with the accident that occurred on 2012. Additionally, within a day of the unfounded news of a crack in acolumn of the Bahaddarhat ramp beign published, an Expert Team comprising of engineers of the company that designed the ramp (DPM) has conducted necessary tests and has submitted written confirmation that the report of a crack in a column is baseless and that it actually looks like a crack but has no connection with the main construction works. We invite all concerned to ensure only verified and fact-based news reports are published and shared, so that the image of local companies and entreprenurs are not negativly affected. We need to be careful that dependence on foreign companies do not increase due to misleading and incorrect news, as such will have a severe impact on the development of skilled manpower in the country, a key sustainable development goal of the present Government.

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