Max Industries

Max Industries

industry1Max Industries Ltd is one of the leading and fastest growing major manufacturing units of the Max Industries offering an extensive range of stainless steel crockery products and S.S pipes. Our plant is located at Manikganj with most modern production and quality processes and is well equipped for fast delivery and an abundant capacity to meet large orders. Adherence to quality and international standards has made Max Industries Ltd one of the distinguished players and market leader in the stainless steel Industry of Bangladesh since 2008. Max Industries Ltd is known for its rigorous quality control practice that begins right from procuring of raw materials till the final dispatch of the product.

We are specializing in products with lasting appeal and function with our 100% in-house production facilities, a team of well qualified designers, skilled workers, professionals, use of high-mechanized machines and advanced techniques. Through our uncompromising quality standards and consistent efforts, today Max Industries Ltd is a reputable name in the market in the production and exports of different kind of stainless steel products and stainless steel kitchenware utensils. We are able to offer our clients an innovative range of stainless steel kitchenware utensils products that are redefining stainless steel quality standards in the industry.

Lub House Industries

industry2We are the manufacturer of all grades of lubricants that are used in Automobiles, Railways, Marines, Industrial & Agricultural sectors. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified oil manufacturing plant. We have been in the business of manufacture and marketing of lubricants for the previous 12 years. Our modern, in-house laboratory regularly tests samples taken during each stage of the procurement and production process. We also offer used oil analysis and engine performance tracking, as part of an overall customer service that provides a complete overview of the physical and chemical characteristics of the lubricants being used and recommends specific lubricants for specific tasks.

Our long association with various base oil and additive suppliers ensures regular availability. Our team of lubricant specialists and other committed professionals assure highest standards of quality and service. We have dedicated sales team working exclusively for Lube division where our success today can be traced to the pioneering spirit and a real commitment to our customers. We have the blending facilities of following types of lubricants in the brand name “National Lub”.

Industrial Products:

  • Knitting Oil

  • Gas Generator Oil

  • Diesel Generator Oil

  • Heat Transfer Oil

  • Quenching Oil

  • Textile Loom Oil

  • Spindle Oil

  • Glass Mould Oil

  • Chain Oil

  • Sewing Oil

  • Refrigeration Oil

Automotive Products

  • SD 460

  • HD Plus

  • Multigrade

  • EP Gear Oil

  • Compressor Oil

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Radiator Coolant ATF